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Bridges Rock Gym is a place for climbers, slackliners, and fitness enthusiasts to convene in a fun and social environment. Our goal is to offer the best indoor bouldering experience possible. What is bouldering? Bouldering consists of relatively short climbs made up of interesting and graceful yet powerful and technical movements. Bouldering routes are known as “problems” because they offer not only a physical challenge, but a mental challenge as well. Working to “solve” bouldering problems with a group of friends is incredibly exciting, creative, and fun. Bouldering is great for beginner and expert climbers alike. It is a simple and fun way to get a full-body workout and stay healthy. No special gear or technical expertise is needed – just shoes and chalk, and you’re ready to climb!

The climbing terrain at Bridges ranges from gently sloped bouldering walls for beginners to 18-foot tall highball top-out boulders to train you properly for the real thing outdoors. For serious strength training, we house one of the deepest overhanging indoor climbing caves ever built. Twelve inches of seamless padding across the entire bouldering area provides the softest landing surface around. Our roped climbing wall is perfect for beginner climbers, kid’s parties and other group events.

Bridges is the first and only gym in the world with a dedicated slacklining area. This emerging sport, similar to tight-rope walking, is an excellent way to cross-train for any activity requiring a good sense of body awareness, and it’s a great full-body workout. In slacklining, the webbing stretches, which allows advanced slackliners to perform an array of tricks from simple turns to flips on the line. Slacklining strengthens the core, as well as the tiny stabilizer muscles in your knees and ankles. Improve your footwork, agility, and balance in snowboarding, skiing, surfing, skateboarding, trail running, cycling – anything that requires balance. Everyone can benefit from a little time on the line!

We offer a variety of yoga & fitness classes and events, including Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Pilates, Abs classes and more. All of our yoga & fitness classes are held in our beautiful new studio. To keep on top of your cardio, Bridges also offers brand new treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, weights, and other training equipment.

After your workout, relax and treat yourself in our super hot saunas or relax in our upstairs lounge area with free wi-fi.

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Current Climbing Programs:

Bridges’ Teen Team:
Bridges Teen Team is perfect for those interested in improving strength, technique, and overall climbing performance. We provide a fun and supportive environment for our teen climbers to take their bouldering abilities to the next level. Personalized instruction by our experienced coaches provide teens with the guidance and structure they need to work on specific skills and climbing goals. Bridges Teen Team practices every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

After School Climbing
Our after school programs are an excellent way to help kids stay active and in shape! Kids will learn a variety of climbing skills and techniques from rope climbing and bouldering, knots and anchors, climbing strategies, to climbing games and safety skills. Additionally, we provide coaching and training in slacklining. Bridges offers a unique setting for kids to climb, slackline, cross-train for any sport, and to work with others to achieve new and exciting goals. We offer after school programs every Monday and Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Call for more information or inquire at the front desk.

Private Climbing Lessons:
We offer personalized lessons for all climbing levels, whether you are just starting out on the wall or want to improve on a specific technique or movement. Our instructors have been climbing for years all over the world from bouldering to big wall climbing. Whatever additional skills you would like to work on - from learning how to set a bomber anchor to mastering a bouldering technique - Bridges is the perfect place to learn how to climb or overcome any plateau. Call ahead of time to customize your private lesson.

Check out our full spectrum of kid programs and activities here.

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